Welcome to ClownerCraft

ClownerCraft is a community server, intended to be different to all other servers.
The server is designed to aid you with building, with non-pvp in the overworld.

IP: clownercraft.net

ClownerCraft was opened on the 23rd march 2013, with the aim to influence people to not see minecraft multiplayer as not just minigames and factions. The servers aims were not financial, we wanted to give people a fun alternative to the more common server types.

Over the time we've been running, the server has grown dramatically, evolving into the ram eater it is now. Many players claim they love this server, and others have attempted to recreate it, almost like for like.

"There are many things I love about the server: its friendly, enjoyable and you never get bored; If you are the type who likes surviving and building for new ranks this is the server for you!"
- Cregan13

"Something I like about ClownerCraft is the friendly community, such as everyone welcoming a new player."
- Jobawick

We are a non griefing server, and so we ensure that we are able to repair griefing. We've set things up so a griefer player just has to stand at the grief and do "/report grief" and the staff will do the rest when they are next online.

Naturally, we do have server rules, and failure to comply will result in banning. If you have been banned head over to the forum and post in the appeals subforum.

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