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iSlotsGame develops and manages new game servers, currently only for Minecraft however we plan to venture into other games like Garry's Mod and CubeWorld. You can browse through our existing servers, and planned ones from the list below! We specialise in creating innovative servers, with uncommon or brand new gameplay mechanics, with an aim of breaking the common setup for these game servers.

Minecraft - Non-PVP
Minecraft - MiniGame
Gmod - Sandbox
More Coming Soon!

With a combined total of years in experience running and managing servers - you can depend on us to keep everything working most of the time. With a team of people all working hard to keep our servers running smoothly.

As with many servers, we started small; ClownerCraft was the first server we owned and managed - A small 30 slot community, well it started that way. ClownerCraft has grown to the RAM eating 50 slot giant compared to its roots. We specialise in innovating, and being creative with our servers, specifically intending to be different - whats the point in doing what everyone else does.